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Why are vaccines important?

Vaccines are important and offer long-term or sometimes lifelong protection against common diseases. Getting vaccinated protects not only yourself, but those around you by limiting the spread.


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Book an appointment with your pharmacist to get protection against the flu, common diseases or diseases that can affect travelers.

Flu Shots

A flu shot protects you against influenza. Because new flu strains emerge year to year, yearly immunization is recommended.

Travel Vaccines

Depending on your destination, it is important to vaccinate before (and sometimes after) your trip. Make sure to book an appointment several months in advance to ensure you are fully immunized.

Common Diseases

A simple vaccine can minimize your chances to develop certain diseases such as shingles, pneumococcal infections, tetanus, and HPV.

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Travel Health and Vaccinations

Protect your health before you travel abroad.

Travel Health and Vaccinations

If you’re planning a trip to Asia, Africa, South America, or any developing countries, you may require vaccination against tropical diseases. Contact your local pharmacy to find out if these services are available.
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Wellness Consultation Services

Book a private consultation with your pharmacist to assess your personal situation

Wellness Consultation Services

Your pharmacist truly believes in this. Personalized consultations are available to help you reach your wellness goals or help you navigate life-changing events in health.
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Assessments & Monitoring

Always keeping an eye on your progress

Assessment & Monitoring

As your partner in health, your pharmacist is not one to simply sit back on good results. They will review your current medication and treatment to further optimize your health outcomes. This will give you the right tools to take your health into your own hands.
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